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Darwin Charles Autograph Letter Signed To T H Huxley 1862 Peter Harrington

Aldous Huxley Autograph Letter Signed 1932 To Sir Courtenay Mansel Nf

   Aldous Huxley Autograph Letter Signed 1932 to Sir Courtenay Mansel NF. Autograph letter signed, Aldous Huxley, La Gorguette, Sanary, [France], 25 November 1932, to [Sir Courtenay] Mansel thanking him for his kind and most interesting letter and referring to his (Huxley's) poetry anthology, the imperfections of which are due to the fact that I had been lazily collecting for it during only a fairly short time, during which I suppose I didnt happen to read the poets you mention. How I came to neglect Villon, I cant imagine; for I have a very great admiration for him. But when it came ...