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Henry Miller. Als Autograph Letter Signed By Henry Miller And Denigrating His

   [ALS] AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED by Henry Miller and DENIGRATING HIS. Wentworth- Only read about 100 pages so far. Will finish as soon as possible. Find many things to criticize, alas! Wish I had never seen the text- or rather that Mr. Gordon had consulted me before starting the book. Millers personal letterhead, 5 ½ x 8 ½. Millers first 2 books ("Tropic of Cancer, " 1934; and "Tropic of Capricorn, " 1939) had to be published in Paris and smuggled into the US as a result of obscenity laws. The eventual publication of "Tropic of Cancer" in 1961 led to a series of trials that tested the ...