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Ttm Autograph Collection Update 1991 Donruss Signed Cards

My Celebrities Autograph Collection 2

Star Wars Alec Guinness Signed Disney Autograph Collection Picture Obi Wan Kenobi Photo

Rare Buzz Aldrin Signed Letter Gold Kapton Foil, Frame Apollo 11 Collection Coa

   BUZZ ALDRIN - Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot. THE ULTIMATE Apollo 11 COLLECTION!!! "The Second MAN to Walk on the MOON". A RARE Genuine Original Astronaut AUTOGRAPH on his original Apollo 11 Stationery.. Attached to this LETTER is a RARE piece of GOLD KAPTON FOIL from the Apollo 11 Capsule COLUMBIA and an Original COA from UACC Registered Dealer #228. Actual genuine BUZZ ALDRIN AUTOGRAPHED original LETTER with an actual of Apollo 11 KAPTON FOIL attached to Buzz's Letter with COA from UACC RD#228. Apollo 11 Crew custom 6 Patch, Engraved Plaque & Custom FRAME. Petersburg TIMES ...

Massena Napoleon's Marshal Autograph Letter Signed. Ernest Rothschild Collection

   Napoloeon Bonaparte's Marshal of France, Duc de Rivoli AndreMassena Authentic Autograph Signed Letter Dated March 21, 1799. Provided with certificate of authenticity. CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC by Sergey Nechayev, PhD - Numismatic Expert. André Masséna (born Andrea Massena) 1st Duc de Rivoli , 1st Prince d'Essling (6 May 1758 - 4 April 1817) was a French military commander during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. He was one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire created by Napoleon, with the nickname l'Enfant chéri de la Victoire ("the Dear Child of Victory"). Many of ...